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You work in a small cafe. After your boss goes on a trip, her two daughters take over the store. Unfortunately, you find it harder and harder to pay the monthly rent as the income becomes more and more meager.

At the beginning of the story, a mysterious letter leads you to two strange milk jugs, the contents of which, after being unknowingly consumed by some of the girls around you, cause strange symptoms. Perhaps it is these very symptoms that can save the cafe from closing.

Frankly speaking the girls start to lactate and their breasts get bigger. What to do in a cafe with this involuntarily produced milk? I'm sure you'll think of something. ^_^


The story is mainly about the everyday life of the MC and the girls and how they deal with the physical changes they slowly experience. At the moment the changes are relatively minor (some breast and ass expansion), but in future episodes the girls will get bigger and bigger.

I'm not a native english speaker, so please be nice if you point out linguistic mistakes. For early releases of a new episode visit this project on Patreon.
Have fun!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(108 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, breast-expansion, Erotic, harem, lactation, NSFW, Romance, Story Rich


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When will Episode 7 be out for the public?

Love the story line favour characters are Kumi and Mirai as you get quite attached to them hope the updates keep coming as I would to know what happens next as I don't the money for your Patrion.


this is a work of art 10/10 i am excited for the next chapters 


this game is  Amazing!! thank u to share us Ur talent

hope can see more Carmilla expansion sceneπŸ˜€

she`s funny, beautiful and the biggest.  love her so much 🀩

How many episodes until you finish the game?


Unfortunately, I can not specify an exact number of chapters. But I assume it'll be in development for at least another year. 

(1 edit) (+2)

When part 7???


Unfortunately still takes a little time.
The free version will not be available before december. πŸ˜“

Should make for a nice end-of-year present...  :)


Bring on episode 7! <3


This bug happens if you don't enter your name at the beginning. 

Everything else seem to work fine. Good game.


love the story so far, chapter six got me thinking with the milk machine sequence though, any way we could see some permanent nipple growth from using the machine? id love if mirai got hooked on it and she got some real teets more in line with actual dairy animals. i love the expansion theme so my mind runs wild at the possibilites. ill keep my fingers crossed for some more different types of growth but you do you! keep up the good work. ;3


I've enjoyed the story and visuals with the chapter 6 release. There are a few things, that I believe, could be improved. 

1. Give the MC a dream or pr0n viewing sequence somewhere before chapter 5, poor guy is a squirrel not getting a nut for 6 chapters. Yes, we get it, he's got super blue balls from the situation, but any real person would, at least be having wet dreams or binge watch pr0n daily. XD

2. Please allow the player to name each primary/interactive female character. I know this would probably be a chore for the dev/devs to implement. Non common, fantasy/JRPG styled names can be confusing, in regards to keeping track of each character's actions and dialogue. This is why I reference a character, in the next points, with descriptions and not with names.

3. More interaction options with the short dark haired cuz, after the MacGuffin is ingested at the bar early on. She's clearly thirsty for the MC BEFORE the incident. Giving the player a few indulgences here or there (with or without consequence) would be interesting.

4. The sequence where the short haired blonde (real estate agent's daughter) and the tall girl go to the gym, needs some nudity (accidental or otherwise). The animation is appreciated on the treadmill.

At the end of Chapter 6, it's still VERY unclear what the antagonist's goals are. So far, we have purple haired succubus, and the real estate mogul family at odds with the MC and the girls. While it makes sense for SOME of their goals to be hidden, it would be nice to see more of their activities or personal incentives to be explored. Knowing a bit more about their goals could lead to interesting choices later on...

Great work so far, I hope there are far more chapters to come.

seems to me the girls are already color coded. (size chart) 
=> red, pink, green, blue, yellow, purple
probably easier to use as 'anonymized' placeholders

Personally I actually prefer the characters having predefined names. I'm reading a story about those characters and it allows for contextualized usage of the names. like wordplays or with the older succubus explaining the meaning of "red" and "pink"'s names which is giving us more context about that succubus character.

Thechnically it should be pretty easy to implement. It is just a variable declaration/ usage like with the MC-name.
for the text/dialogue its a simple find and replace.
If the names bother you, you could probably even do it yourself.
It looks like a pretty simple/standard renpy project. Just decompile it, run the find and replace with your prefererd names and run the game from the renpy sdk or compile it again. whatever floats you boat.
(you'd have to do it for every new release though)

I love your game are and i wonder are u on discord ❀️❀️

Deleted 80 days ago

Mhmm, just tested it again myself and it worked for me πŸ€”
The only thing I can think of is that you may have accidentally downloaded the wrong version (for the wrong system)?

(1 edit)

Macintosh and Android versions do not run on my version of Windows, so no. Neither the 64 or 32 bit versions work.

Do you have problems with other renpy games too?
If so, it's probably a general problem with your setup. Then you can search for general help with renpy problems.

Maybe it might help to run it as administrator.

Sadly, that's all I can think of. πŸ˜•

I do not, but I downloaded for the third time and for some reason it works now. It didn't even show in Task Manager when I ran it before. No problems unzipping any of the times. Can't explain it. Feel free to delete this post.


I know this is a stupid thing to ask, but...
Will any of the girls become pregnant?
Pregnancy just came to my mind due to the milk and growing assets of the girls.
I'm 99.9% sure that the answer will be no, but... I just wanted to ask.
But the girls would look nice with a belly if you made pictures of them pregnant.


It's not a stupid thing to ask. This question comes up quite often and fetish wise it's not far apart. πŸ‘πŸ₯›

But you're right, unfortunately. For the moment I'm planning to add pregnancy as an option only towards the end. Sorry πŸ˜”

Well, it would fit with Leila since she can... manipulate her size.
Or making one of the girls pregnant through magic for extra milk production.
I'm just throwing ideas that goes against your vision and probably wouldn't fit into the story... and I'm not subscribed to your Patreon.

Anyway, I enjoyed the visual novel.
It's fun and cute, and I liked the homemade feel of the game. It gives it a bit of charm.
The text is a bit janky and awkward but good for somebody whose first language isn't English.
Learning a new language is really hard.
I guess when you're finished with the game, you can have somebody who is fluent in English to help refine and fix the text.

"I guess when you're finished with the game, you can have somebody who is fluent in English to help refine and fix the text."

I'd be happy to help. :)


I'd be down for pregnancy if it was included--but I'm not going to suddenly think less of the VN if the dev told me he decided against it, whatever the reason may be.

I really like the game, the storyline is interesting, but it also feels odd, like the MC is really dumb. For example why he just didn't collect the human milk instantly after he learned that to get rid of this "curse" he needs to give Leira the human milk. Also why did he bring the farm milk to the bar? He even wasn't suprised it was gone, like he knew it would have happened. I know that it's probably too late to make it work, but I get it. I know that since the game is in chapters you can't really do anyting about it but it feels like the choices don't matter at all. Another thing too, I'm sure that if the MC told the girls about how to get rid of the effects (even just saying that all they need to let him collect the milk, and he will fix it would probably work) they probably listen to him, maybe not everyone but I can see some of them listen to it. I hope you don't take it the wrong way, I still enjoyed my experience and will wait for future uptades.

(1 edit)

Hi, thanks for your feedback! πŸ˜ƒ

I can understand that it feels a bit "forced" or badly written in some places but allow me to explain briefly how I interpret some of these things.

-I'll summarize one question as, "Why doesn't the MC just tell the girls that he needs the milk to end the curse?
---> None of the girls really kept the milk, but always dumped it down the drain. (or let the MC drink it directly out of pleasure ). Therefore, so my explanation, the MC would have to ask the girls directly to collect and give him the milk, which is very strange/perverted without context. I certainly didn't make that clear enough, but I figured the MC feared coming across that way. To mention the succubi and the magic is also out of the question for him. By episode 5, the girls are also not sensitized enough to "milking" as a way to gain milk (except Jane, maybe). They see it as pleasurable but not worth keeping. As if one would keep sperm or something. It is only at the end that the idea slowly arises to see the "mother's milk" also as "milk". Therefore, it is difficult first to simply collect the milk.

-Why did he bring the farm milk to the bar?
--> The MC actually wanted to donate the milk to the cafe, but Mirai didn't accept it and ordered him to take it back. I realize that he could have just taken it home first, but I explained it to myself that he just didn't feel like carrying it any further and wanted to meet up with the others at the bar. (He also goes together with either Kumi and Mirai, which also keeps him from going home first). I admit that, rationally speaking, this is not the best decision.

-He even wasn't suprised it (the milk) was gone, like he knew it would have happened.
--> In an optional conversation with Kiara, they briefly discuss the fact that the milk jugs are gone and assume that an employee of the bar poured it away.

Hope I could express myself understandably. πŸ˜… To lead a little deeper disscussion in english is not easy for me. As I said, I understand your points and I don't necessarily want to revise them, I just want to show how my interpretation goes.

Thanks for reading in any case!

Thank you for your interpretation.

Is there a walkthrough

There are no far-reaching branches, but only "alternative scenes". Therefore, a walkthrough isn't really necessary for now I think. πŸ™ƒ


can't wait for episode 6 soon.

(1 edit)

Just finished E5! Can't wait for the girls to become even bigger/curvier and lactate even more! <3


Haha, glad to hear that!
And I promise you that will happen πŸ˜‰


Anal sex?

Not at the moment, maybe later πŸ˜‰


When part 6?


working on it πŸ‘

The goal is a release end of august for supporters on patreon and one month later the free version will be released here.


interesting sex scenes πŸ€” I can already imagine a pregnant cora producing twice as much milk.

Haha, she most certainly would. πŸ˜‰

its good so far but im curious on if its just gonna be about milking?

pretty good so far though 


Thanks! You mean fetish wise? Milking/lactation/breast expansion will always play the dominant role. But in the later course I want to implement normal sex scenes too, if that's what you mean. πŸ‘


any chance you can help an idiot out here? Just downloaded the windows version for the first time and I'm not finding an obvious launch icon in the folder after I unzipped it


Actually it should just simply be the application file in the folder. It's called "WhiteRussian" and has a chibi-anime girl with reddish hair and a snake around her neck as icon.(the renpy icon) 


Hey Nekomagames πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ,

I only just started playing the game but already really like it so far!

But there is one big problem (on Android at least): The player cannot change the transparency of the dialogue box which hides all the interesting bits in WAY too many cases...

(almost a third of the screen is just a black box)

Could you please add that option?


^ this


I'll try to take a look at it the coming days. I think I have to change something in the depths of the renpy code, so that the android-build also has no dialog box, like the pc-build. 

Please do that πŸ™...

By now i am in the middle of Chapter 4 and by now i can say that in at least 75% of cases the boobs are covered!

And especially in case of this game that is really sad πŸ˜…

(1 edit)

I think it worked. The android version had an extra folder with his own version of the textbox as a png. I didn't know that, sorry. Now the box should be transparent, too. 😎

(1 edit)

Thanks a lot! That way we can now actually see what is going on 😏.

I would still adviseo to have a  setting for this since having a slightly darker background is kind of needed on some devices so you can read white text on white-ish background for example...

You should be able to implement a "opacity setting" with what RenPy supports... (i even found some code samples pretty quick when googling the topic)

But for now simply hiding it completely is definitely good enough πŸ˜πŸ‘

Can't you already press H to hide the HUD? It sucks you'd need to do that every frame but it's a usable workaround.

Not on Android πŸ˜‚

I know there are features/shortcuts like that on PC...

This game looks super cool but l wish for the android download that you could use a diffrent download option as mega is pretty hard to download from. Maybe try a direct download from itch.io that would work far more better.

Hi πŸ˜ƒ

Until now I couldn't use the direct download from itch, because of the filesize limit. But with Episode 5 I reduced the games overall size, so when I upload the new episode tomorrow one can download every build via direct link. πŸ‘

just curious is there a episode 5 yet? but also would like to say well done with the content so far. keep it up

Thanks! πŸ˜€

Working on the final scenes right now. Hope to be able to publish it still in May for supporters on Patreon. Then 4 weeks later it will be available for free here.

Question can one time but or it a subscription a must?

If you want to play the latest episode earlier, then a subscription on patreon for the month the episode was released is a must. If you only want to play the free release here then not. πŸ˜‰

A one time payment for the earlier patreon builds is not possible, because patreon sadly doesn't offer such a service.

okay thanks 


Just a thought that crossed my mind - how sensitive are demon horns? If you touch them, does the demon get horny?

(1 edit) (+2)

Haha, a classic one πŸ˜†

Now for a (somewhat serious) answer: The horns of succubi and other demonic creatures in pop culture are usually based on goat or ram horns. (Like long-standing depictions of Satan in the Christian church).

About goat horns: "Although the horns are extremely resistant and the goats use them in their confrontations by bumping them against each other, the reality is that on the outside they are quite hard but inside the nerve endings that connect them to the goat’s body are extremely sensitive." -Source-

Since succubi not bump their horns against each other like goats, their horns do not need to be overly hard and are more like an attraction feature. Therefore they could in fact be sensitive. For this reason, a succubus might actually get horny if you touch her horns. 🀯

Just a theory, of course. πŸ˜‰


Now I want to see a succubus seduced by rubbing her horns.
Perhaps a succubus in training can give some hints?


Haha I suppose that would be possible. ^_^


Bro, thanks for ur hard work

All the girls are cute and the story is great, cant wait to see more!

(1 edit) (+1)

Glad to hear that, thank you very much! πŸ˜„


I feel the same

(1 edit) (+1)

Then thanks to you too! 😊

I finished Episode 4 today. I really enjoyed this game. Looking forward to more of your work in the future :)

Many thanks, I'm happy to hear that! πŸ˜ƒ

just played the game pretty fun. havent seen one like this before so i hope you can keep up with it. looking forward to next update.                                                          - i think kumi has to be my favorite girl btw

(1 edit)

Thanks, I hope so too. πŸ˜„
Yeah, Kumi really is a cutie!

Deleted 198 days ago

It' s difficult to give a fixed time because it depends on my regular job. I try to finish an episode every three months, but the emphasis is on 'try'.  So, unfortunately, the free release of episode 5 is still a while away. I hope that's fine. 😰

Deleted 198 days ago

I feel like you should put music into the game. Would add a lot more to the experience. At least in my opinion.

I completely agree with you. πŸ˜€

But it's pretty hard to find music that fits the scenes, is free in the best case and can be used for commercial purposes (Patreon). I' d also be willing to pay, but even then I don't know a site to search for such stuff. πŸ€”

Have you tried anything by NCS? I'm not entirely sure if you can use them commercially but YouTubers use them all the time.

you can still search for freelance composer and get a song made for you and be sure it's safe to use it comercially. 


Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have a look. :)

Good points

1.- Entertaining story, funny, not the most complex but not bad, it keeps you reading

2.- Sexy nipples, a small detail that very few Devs consider but that is extremely important

3.- Having a waifu like Jane, I like yanderes xD

Bad points

1.- The decisions you make do not affect the story

2.- What kind of Titjob is done over the underwear?

3.- Two Tsunderes in the same story are too many


Many thanks!  ^_^

I'm glad that you enjoy Jane the most. In my impression, she' s generally not so popular. 

Regarding the 'titjob problem' my idea was that Leila visits the MC only in his dream. That's why he still has his underwear on, because he still has it on in 'reality'. But while I'm thinking about it, I could have left out the underwear in the dream, exactly because it's a dream xD


I thought that the Titjob happened in real life but since the MC seemed unreal about a succubus, he considered it a dream... well the way you say it makes a bit of sense.

Only a man of culture knows how to appreciate an overprotective yandere XD

By the way that part where she beats up the succubus was very good hahahaha

(2 edits)

These downloads are getting pretty chunky; any chance of adding download links to "add-on" packs that just have the new pictures and the updated script files for the next chapter?

(1 edit)

I don't know if such 'add-on' packs are possible, but with the next update I will work on creating a compressed version, which is much smaller than the current version. :)

(2 edits)

I realized that the features of this game looks a lot like the one in Once in a Lifetime. It's a reference or a coincidence?

BTW, loved the game :)

I haven't played Once in a Lifetime, so it can only be coincidence. ^^

Direct to favorites thanks for the content, I'm excited to see more especially Kiara it would be interesting to make her the biggest girl "in every way" 



Thanks a lot! 
I can't promise that she' ll be the biggest 'in every way', but she definitely has room to grow further. 
We'll see, I'd say. ^_^

Don't worry, I don't demand anything, she just seems to me to be the girl with the most interesting plot. She likes to be a tomboy, but a new, more feminine figure could hinder her and several of her activities.

maybe it makes it difficult for her to swim but she is optimistic and starts to practice weightlifting?

Kiara:"The new added weights will be great for squats" XD

I like the way you think. ;)

Love this game and I think I found a bug for you.  I get this at the end of Ep 3

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/Episode 4.rpy", line 3773, in script

    jump summaryep4

ScriptError: could not find label 'summaryep4'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/Episode 4.rpy", line 3773, in script

    jump summaryep4

  File "renpy/ast.py", line 1757, in execute

    rv = renpy.game.script.lookup(target)

  File "renpy/script.py", line 918, in lookup

    raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))

ScriptError: could not find label 'summaryep4'.



White Russian 

Sat Apr  2 19:19:09 2022

(1 edit)

Thanks! ^_^

This report marks the end of episode 4. I started working on episode 5 before the public release and then just cut out the scenes I already had for episode 5.

Unfortunately I forgot to delete the command 'jump summaryep4', so the code searches for the label 'summaryep4', which is part of episode 5 and I removed. Sorry that this causes confusion :(

oh!  Ok glad it's not an issue and you're right of course I had 3+4 in my mind as one long chapter 

(1 edit)

In my opinion this game has some of the best story on itch, I've come across other boob games, like Holstein girls, but I believe you executed the concept much better, I love it!

'Holstein Girls' chooses a different narrative style with more choices in how you experience the story. With 'White Russian' I'm a little more linear.  I'm a huge fan of 'Holstein Girls' though.

By all means, thanks for the kind words! Since I take the most effort in the story, besides the composition of the images, it's very rewarding to hear that. :D

your welcome, and thanks for making this piece of art, I'll be waiting like a child on Christmas Eve for the next update!

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