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Is there a walkthrough

There are no far-reaching branches, but only "alternative scenes". Therefore, a walkthrough isn't really necessary for now I think. πŸ™ƒ


can't wait for episode 6 soon.

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Just finished E5! Can't wait for the girls to become even bigger/curvier and lactate even more! <3


Haha, glad to hear that!
And I promise you that will happen πŸ˜‰


Anal sex?

Not at the moment, maybe later πŸ˜‰


When part 6?


working on it πŸ‘

The goal is a release end of august for supporters on patreon and one month later the free version will be released here.


interesting sex scenes πŸ€” I can already imagine a pregnant cora producing twice as much milk.

Haha, she most certainly would. πŸ˜‰

its good so far but im curious on if its just gonna be about milking?

pretty good so far though 


Thanks! You mean fetish wise? Milking/lactation/breast expansion will always play the dominant role. But in the later course I want to implement normal sex scenes too, if that's what you mean. πŸ‘


any chance you can help an idiot out here? Just downloaded the windows version for the first time and I'm not finding an obvious launch icon in the folder after I unzipped it


Actually it should just simply be the application file in the folder. It's called "WhiteRussian" and has a chibi-anime girl with reddish hair and a snake around her neck as icon.(the renpy icon) 


Hey Nekomagames πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ,

I only just started playing the game but already really like it so far!

But there is one big problem (on Android at least): The player cannot change the transparency of the dialogue box which hides all the interesting bits in WAY too many cases...

(almost a third of the screen is just a black box)

Could you please add that option?


^ this


I'll try to take a look at it the coming days. I think I have to change something in the depths of the renpy code, so that the android-build also has no dialog box, like the pc-build. 

Please do that πŸ™...

By now i am in the middle of Chapter 4 and by now i can say that in at least 75% of cases the boobs are covered!

And especially in case of this game that is really sad πŸ˜…

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I think it worked. The android version had an extra folder with his own version of the textbox as a png. I didn't know that, sorry. Now the box should be transparent, too. 😎

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Thanks a lot! That way we can now actually see what is going on 😏.

I would still adviseo to have a  setting for this since having a slightly darker background is kind of needed on some devices so you can read white text on white-ish background for example...

You should be able to implement a "opacity setting" with what RenPy supports... (i even found some code samples pretty quick when googling the topic)

But for now simply hiding it completely is definitely good enough πŸ˜πŸ‘

Can't you already press H to hide the HUD? It sucks you'd need to do that every frame but it's a usable workaround.

Not on Android πŸ˜‚

I know there are features/shortcuts like that on PC...

This game looks super cool but l wish for the android download that you could use a diffrent download option as mega is pretty hard to download from. Maybe try a direct download from that would work far more better.

Hi πŸ˜ƒ

Until now I couldn't use the direct download from itch, because of the filesize limit. But with Episode 5 I reduced the games overall size, so when I upload the new episode tomorrow one can download every build via direct link. πŸ‘

just curious is there a episode 5 yet? but also would like to say well done with the content so far. keep it up

Thanks! πŸ˜€

Working on the final scenes right now. Hope to be able to publish it still in May for supporters on Patreon. Then 4 weeks later it will be available for free here.

Question can one time but or it a subscription a must?

If you want to play the latest episode earlier, then a subscription on patreon for the month the episode was released is a must. If you only want to play the free release here then not. πŸ˜‰

A one time payment for the earlier patreon builds is not possible, because patreon sadly doesn't offer such a service.

okay thanks 


Just a thought that crossed my mind - how sensitive are demon horns? If you touch them, does the demon get horny?

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Haha, a classic one πŸ˜†

Now for a (somewhat serious) answer: The horns of succubi and other demonic creatures in pop culture are usually based on goat or ram horns. (Like long-standing depictions of Satan in the Christian church).

About goat horns: "Although the horns are extremely resistant and the goats use them in their confrontations by bumping them against each other, the reality is that on the outside they are quite hard but inside the nerve endings that connect them to the goat’s body are extremely sensitive." -Source-

Since succubi not bump their horns against each other like goats, their horns do not need to be overly hard and are more like an attraction feature. Therefore they could in fact be sensitive. For this reason, a succubus might actually get horny if you touch her horns. 🀯

Just a theory, of course. πŸ˜‰


Now I want to see a succubus seduced by rubbing her horns.
Perhaps a succubus in training can give some hints?


Haha I suppose that would be possible. ^_^


Bro, thanks for ur hard work

All the girls are cute and the story is great, cant wait to see more!

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Glad to hear that, thank you very much! πŸ˜„


I feel the same

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Then thanks to you too! 😊

I finished Episode 4 today. I really enjoyed this game. Looking forward to more of your work in the future :)

Many thanks, I'm happy to hear that! πŸ˜ƒ

just played the game pretty fun. havent seen one like this before so i hope you can keep up with it. looking forward to next update.                                                          - i think kumi has to be my favorite girl btw

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Thanks, I hope so too. πŸ˜„
Yeah, Kumi really is a cutie!

Deleted 198 days ago

It' s difficult to give a fixed time because it depends on my regular job. I try to finish an episode every three months, but the emphasis is on 'try'.  So, unfortunately, the free release of episode 5 is still a while away. I hope that's fine. 😰

Deleted 198 days ago

I feel like you should put music into the game. Would add a lot more to the experience. At least in my opinion.

I completely agree with you. πŸ˜€

But it's pretty hard to find music that fits the scenes, is free in the best case and can be used for commercial purposes (Patreon). I' d also be willing to pay, but even then I don't know a site to search for such stuff. πŸ€”

Have you tried anything by NCS? I'm not entirely sure if you can use them commercially but YouTubers use them all the time.

you can still search for freelance composer and get a song made for you and be sure it's safe to use it comercially. 


Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have a look. :)

Good points

1.- Entertaining story, funny, not the most complex but not bad, it keeps you reading

2.- Sexy nipples, a small detail that very few Devs consider but that is extremely important

3.- Having a waifu like Jane, I like yanderes xD

Bad points

1.- The decisions you make do not affect the story

2.- What kind of Titjob is done over the underwear?

3.- Two Tsunderes in the same story are too many


Many thanks!  ^_^

I'm glad that you enjoy Jane the most. In my impression, she' s generally not so popular. 

Regarding the 'titjob problem' my idea was that Leila visits the MC only in his dream. That's why he still has his underwear on, because he still has it on in 'reality'. But while I'm thinking about it, I could have left out the underwear in the dream, exactly because it's a dream xD


I thought that the Titjob happened in real life but since the MC seemed unreal about a succubus, he considered it a dream... well the way you say it makes a bit of sense.

Only a man of culture knows how to appreciate an overprotective yandere XD

By the way that part where she beats up the succubus was very good hahahaha

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These downloads are getting pretty chunky; any chance of adding download links to "add-on" packs that just have the new pictures and the updated script files for the next chapter?

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I don't know if such 'add-on' packs are possible, but with the next update I will work on creating a compressed version, which is much smaller than the current version. :)

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I realized that the features of this game looks a lot like the one in Once in a Lifetime. It's a reference or a coincidence?

BTW, loved the game :)

I haven't played Once in a Lifetime, so it can only be coincidence. ^^

Direct to favorites thanks for the content, I'm excited to see more especially Kiara it would be interesting to make her the biggest girl "in every way" 



Thanks a lot! 
I can't promise that she' ll be the biggest 'in every way', but she definitely has room to grow further. 
We'll see, I'd say. ^_^

Don't worry, I don't demand anything, she just seems to me to be the girl with the most interesting plot. She likes to be a tomboy, but a new, more feminine figure could hinder her and several of her activities.

maybe it makes it difficult for her to swim but she is optimistic and starts to practice weightlifting?

Kiara:"The new added weights will be great for squats" XD

I like the way you think. ;)

Love this game and I think I found a bug for you.  I get this at the end of Ep 3

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/Episode 4.rpy", line 3773, in script

    jump summaryep4

ScriptError: could not find label 'summaryep4'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/Episode 4.rpy", line 3773, in script

    jump summaryep4

  File "renpy/", line 1757, in execute

    rv =

  File "renpy/", line 918, in lookup

    raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))

ScriptError: could not find label 'summaryep4'.



White Russian 

Sat Apr  2 19:19:09 2022

(1 edit)

Thanks! ^_^

This report marks the end of episode 4. I started working on episode 5 before the public release and then just cut out the scenes I already had for episode 5.

Unfortunately I forgot to delete the command 'jump summaryep4', so the code searches for the label 'summaryep4', which is part of episode 5 and I removed. Sorry that this causes confusion :(

oh!  Ok glad it's not an issue and you're right of course I had 3+4 in my mind as one long chapter 

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In my opinion this game has some of the best story on itch, I've come across other boob games, like Holstein girls, but I believe you executed the concept much better, I love it!

'Holstein Girls' chooses a different narrative style with more choices in how you experience the story. With 'White Russian' I'm a little more linear.  I'm a huge fan of 'Holstein Girls' though.

By all means, thanks for the kind words! Since I take the most effort in the story, besides the composition of the images, it's very rewarding to hear that. :D

your welcome, and thanks for making this piece of art, I'll be waiting like a child on Christmas Eve for the next update!

Thank you for making an official android port πŸ™

I was afraid that the save won't transfer from the other port, but I was happy that you added an option to jump to episode4 directly!!

I enjoyed that episode as well. I think I'll join your in patreon for more! ^^


Yeah, I knew that because of that and because of the change to renpy, many saves would no longer work. Therefore, I have given this option. 
Glad you like it. ^_^

Hi Dev,

Thank you for your prompt response. It is quite possibly a false alarm from Sohos, as sometimes this type of software is set to be "sensitive" to be on the safe side and hence prone to false positives. I'd prefer that to some malware/ransomware infestation, however.

I downloaded the crunched version as you noted (Thanks!) and unzipped it without issues from Sohpos or anywhere else. The game runs nicely and the visual appearance is most acceptable, I have not seen any noticeable compression artefacts. Maybe this kind of download should be the default as it is significantly smaller, and it could be worth learning how to do it. 

It is likely what happened to my unzip the first time will remain a mystery, as I am not keen to repeat it.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Hi Developer,

Just downloaded White Russian Episode 1-4 and when unzipping to install my antivirus (Sophos Home (paid version)) stepped in  during the unzip process to block actions from what Sophos thought was a ransomware attack. When I look into my Sophos dashboard history, Sophos has 2 entries as follows:

Ransomware blocked

An application was prevented from encrypting a number of files



Ransomware blocked

An application was prevented from encrypting a number of files

IgnoreHide Advanced Options


If this was an attack, my computer seems OK, and all I can do at the moment is to believe Sophos on face value. That is why I run an antivirus  after all.

So far I have encountered no encrypted files although I have not examined every one, however it is an experience I can do without.

I have not experienced this before with files from this site. Do you have any ideas? Perhaps the upload is in some way "infected" and can you please have a look at it.


Hi :)

That's odd I could only imagine that it is a false report. This is also the only report of this kind so far. I downloaded the file again myself and did not get any warning.

I would suggest ignoring the warning, but if you are not comfortable with it I can point you to a compresssed version of my game that someone made on F95. (The quality is minimally lower but the file size is much smaller. Feel stupid that I can't do this myself. ^^')

-> F95 Link
-> Direct Download Link (Workupload)

Hope it works somehow!


I would love to play your game, and would even consider becoming a patron, but unfortunately, i only have my android, and your game doesnt have an android version. Is that something youre considering doing at some point?


A guy on F95 made an Android port of my game.
-> F95

If you don't have an account there, here is the direct link to the apk.

I downloaded it myself and checked it on my smartphone. It works. Sorry that this is the only option at the moment. In the next build I will try to make an android version myself! :)


Thanks for the link. You rock.

I'm in the same case, thank you for sharing the link!

Reporting back: I've played through this android port till the end of ep3 & it worked great!

I've enjoyed it so far, therefore I'm supporting this project! ;)

Glad it worked and thanks a lot! :D


When are the other episodes coming out? because I really enjoyed playing the game

Almost done with Ep4. First release will be for supporters on Patreon. Public release will be in about 4 weeks from now on. :)

Didn't think you'll actually reply and thanks 


Does this game have pregnancy?


In a possible ending scenario, I can imagine the MC knocking up one or more of the girls. But that would be much later in the story. For the near future, I have to exclude it, unfortunately, because it would be too much of an incision in the course of the plot.
Hope you can relate. :)


thank you for replying.

why does it download from most games download from itch so why do i need to download from mega?

(1 edit) (+1)

Because of the 1GB file size limit. The game file is about 2GB in size. :)

ok thank you for clarifying.  Mega won't let me download it so I'm a little salty lol


That' s a shame. :(
If you like you can look here, there are more links
-> F95

so right now im stuck with "no start scene unlocked", i wonder if that is the end of this update, or its something else that i can ignore it and continue the game

(1 edit)

Episode 2 ends after Leila's visit to the cafe and the related accident. If you've seen this, it's the end. :)

Episode 3 is on Patreon now or here for free next month. 


Really like this so far! Excited for the later episodes, I hope their boobs grow absolutely colossal! :)


Colossol is a term that I can well imagine will be used for later descriptions. ^^


Π±Π΅Π»Ρ‹ΠΉ русский xDD

Hi, I'm on a Mac and it keeps saying that I do not have permission to open this application. Is there a way to resolve this?

Sorry to hear that. Do you have the problem with other programs as well or just this one? Sadly I don't know anything about Mac and I don't have the possibility to test the Mac build myself. 

But I found this video that deals with a similar problem in an RPG Maker game. Visual Novel Maker and RPG Maker are from the same developer, so maybe this solution will help.


(1 edit) (+3)

go into mac terminal copy and paste this ( chmod -R 777 ) then drag and drop the game into terminal and hit enter. 


Interesting story and characters so far, looking forward to future updates! Another game I'll be following with great interest!

Noticed a few things though:
The volume options don't work at all (Or if they do they didn't work for me). No matter what notch I clicked it wouldn't lower. The other options work and highlighted what button I was looking to press but Volume wouldn't.

The backlog doesn't track very well. The times I checked it because I wanted to re-read something I found it waaaay back in the scene and I had to do a lot of scrolling to get where I wanted. Would be nice if I could use mouse wheel to go back and forward like other VN's.

The scroll bar for the backlog was difficult to notice, I didn't think there was one until I finally spotted it. It also seems that if you click and drag it to where you want it though you end up closing the backlog once you stop holding down left click.


Thank you. Glad you like it. :)

I will try to correct the volume option issue in the next builds.

The possiblity of scrolling back with the mouse wheel has been requested by others too (as it is possible in Ren'py, for example). 

Visual Novel Maker (the engine I use) unfortunately doesn't have this option implemented and I can understand that the backlog possibility isn't exactly mind-blowing either. I can't promise it, but will see if there is a plugin or something to improve this.

I have a problem using MEGA on my MacBook, if the file is 2.0GB or greater. Can you please provide another source I can DL from? Thank you.

You can look here, there are three more sources. -> F95



Excited to try the game but I'm having some trouble.

I downloaded the windows version but when I run the Game.exe to start the game, it doesn't do anything. This happens both when it's in WinRAR and when I have unpacked it. Am I doing something wrong here?


That' s strange. Normally, it should work after unpacking.

Unfortunately, I can only give you typical advices like starting it as admin, see if your antivirus program blocks it in any way  or just try to download it again. I'm sorry, I hope it will work somehow!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the quick answer, I figured it out. In case someone has the same problem:

I've found through the task manager that there were 2 programs running with the name "nwjs" that didn't open a window. Once I manually ended those 2 programs I could start the game. So I think the error came from the software in which the game was made and not your game itself.

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