Announcement for Episode 6

Hey guys, ^_^

Yesterday I released Episode 6 for backers on Patreon. The public release will take place around 28.9 and 29.9, If you don't want to wait for it, feel free to check out the new episode here. I hope you're looking forward to it!

Episode 6

In this episode, among other things, Kumi visits you at home, Kiara takes Nicole to a gym and Mirai discovers a new way of milking.

It includes:
4100 lines of code
about 781unique renders
about 65min of content (measured by my reading speed)

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"New way of milking" eh? :) #PatienceIsAVirtue


will pregnancy be in this game?

Seems like a good candidate for an optional route. NMK,  That said pretty common. 

At the moment pregnancy doesn't play a role. Towards the end, I see it as feasible to make it selectable as an option. 👍


This became one of my favourite VNs in an instant, looking forward to the next episode!